Day 4 Days was born out of wanting to do something more,

...not just the typical silent auction or asking my friends to donate. April of 2018, I decided I was going to run the Big Sur Marathon and instead of just signing up, I wanted to run for a charity. Going through the various groups that have been chosen seemed daunting until I found Inheritance of Hope – it hit a personal heart string with me. Lets just say I haven’t always been a runner, in fact this is my first marathon, and I certainly haven’t always been in shape. For the last ten years though I decided to change that – apparently being 289lbs and not playing in the NFL isn’t the best thing for your body – I decided to run and not going to lie, those first runs were tough and in 2009 decided to run my first 10 miler. It was a race for some, for me it was just a milestone, and lets just say that it wasn’t that easy. To get through that race, I’d think of the image of my terminally ill father on our last walk together who couldn’t finish the hike, who couldn’t see one of the last views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, he was just too weak. I think of him now every time I run.

Inheritance of Hope is an organization

that takes families who have a terminally ill parent and help them through the grieving process; they help those families cope with the days to come and the days post. It’s an organization I wish would’ve existed when I was in the same shoes. Raising money to help their cause was an easy choice, yet I didn’t want to just raise a few dollars, host a auction, or ask friends and family for donations. This is where you come in.
First though, to learn more about the amazing work of Inheritance of Hope, please see their story here.

Since the summer of 2017 when Charlottesville was brought into the media spotlight for reasons beyond our control, I’ve traveled for business and pleasure, and when I get the opportunity to say where I’m from, people respond by “Oh”, “Sorry”, or “That must be rough”, and I say, no, its actually one of the best places in the country and the image in your head couldn’t be further from the truth, come visit, see for yourself. Now while we're lucky to live in such a great city, it doesn't mean that we're not without our issues that face numerous cities across the country - affordable housing, refuges, homelessness, affordable education, and childcare - those are the charities that we plan to help in the future. This is not just one charity, this is multiple.
So my answer, Day for Days. helps us show the world what Charlottesville really looks like. By joining the team and sharing, liking, tweeting, and ultimately donating, you’ll be eligible to win a trip to come here where you’ll feel the Royals, Kim and Kanye, The Rolling Stones, you get the idea? We are going to roll out the red carpet for you, everything will be taken care of and you’ll truly receive the VIP treatment. All of our partners are true representatives of some the best offerings this town has to offer. The winner of the “Day” will be chosen by the charity and chosen at random – could be based of joining the team, shares, likes, or dollars, anyone’s guess including mine.

To be eligible, please know:

  • by donating, you are eligible to win the Day. The Day will take place 5/14/18-5/16/18. (if you are not available these days, we can make other arrangements. The Day is based on shows at the Sprint Pavilion)
  • No employees from selected charities are eligible to win. Charity will choose winner of the Day and winner will be announced on the Crowdrise platform on April 26th, 2018.
  • Winner of the Day will have all lodging and meals taken care of once they arrive to Charlottesville. The Day is good for 2 people.

The Itinerary

Our first Day will begin by being chauffeured in style by Monticello Wine Tour & Coach Co and taking you to following places where the experience will be made special for you:

King Family Vineyards

VIP Experience - Governors Cup Wine

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Starr Hill Brewery

VIP Experience and behind the scenes tour

Learn More

VIP Experience - The home of our 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson

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University of Virginia

A tour of the grounds

Learn More
Brasserie Saison

Rated #1 Newest Restaurant in Charlottesville.

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Spring Pavilion Logo
Charlottesville Sprint Pavilion

Box Seats to Vance Joy with Alice Merton

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Stay Charlottesville

Luxury Vacation Rental Lodging

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Oakhurst Inn

often referred to as the best breakfast in Charlottesville.

Learn More

We would love your help in supporting great causes that improve all of our lives here in the Charlottesville area. Inheritance of Hope is an amazing non-profit that brings joy to so many.

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